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About Dr. Sandra de Blois

Mental Health Consultant

Unlike most professionals offering PTSD treatments, I was actually a patient myself once. I recently wrote how an accident Lead me to Dedicate my Life to PTSD Treatment.

You’re not alone when it comes to dealing with trauma anxiety. Many people don’t know the trigger warning or how to deal with PTSD.  That’s why Reconsolidation Therapy™ was created and I’ve decided to offer my Trauma Therapy services to help those in need.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve been treating patients with PTSD in my private practice for years through conventional therapy.  Now, I’m the first mental health professional who offers this groundbreaking treatment on the west coast and the results are showing higher success rates, lower relapse rates, and all in a short amount of time.

-Keep The Memory, Lose The Suffering

Program Intro

The program is done both online and in-person, and the sessions can be either in English or French. The goal is to help you understand what triggers your flashbacks and treat your PTSD symptoms.

On average, within the first 8 sessions you should start feeling relief from your trauma. The Reconsolidation Therapy™ therapy currently has a 70% success rate from all the sessions conducted so far!

process people will go through

Trauma Treatment

The PTSD therapy goes through the process outlined below.


My Recon Therapy begins with a thorough clinical evaluation that lasts 90 minutes. We’ll go through your trauma history and the nature of your current symptoms.  We’ll then look at different factors that may interfere with your response to the treatment.


Should you decide to receive the therapy, you will be given information to bring to your doctor in order to receive a prescription for the blood pressure lowering medication “Propranolol”.

6 Sessions

Following your clinical evaluation, you will receive six Reconsolidation Therapy™ sessions.  These trauma treatment sessions are spaced one week apart.  Your traumatic memory will be reactivated during each treatment session through a simple exposure to your trauma story.

Symptoms Subside

We will also carefully measure your PTSD symptoms on every session.  Gradually, over the six treatment sessions, the Propranolol will block the reconsolidation of the high emotional intensity of your traumatic memory and as a result, your PTSD symptoms will subside.


Finally, we will meet one more time after your last Reconsolidation Therapy™ treatment.  We will summarize the findings, assess the efficacy of the treatment and determine whether other therapeutic interventions are needed.

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Trauma Relief Testimonials

Reconsolidation Therapy™ has already helped hundreds of people living with PTSD and other disorders associated with painful memories! This Trauma Therapy has changed their lives for the better. Read what my patients have to say about the treatment.