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PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental disorder that results from exposure to a highly stressful event, either by experiencing or witnessing it. Those suffering with PTSD experience an overwhelming emotional response to certain triggers, brought on by the traumatic event. PTSD can present as nightmares, anxiety attacks, flashbacks, and may lead to the development of other disorders. PTSD treatment is a combination of therapy and antidepressant medication; however, success rates are low and relapse rates remain high. Reconsolidation Therapy™ is a groundbreaking treatment for PTSD that ingrates physiology and psychology to alleviate the suffering brought on by memories.

Compared to traditional PTSD treatment, Reconsolidation Therapy™ has a 70% success rate and a very low relapse rate. Developed by Dr. Alain Brunet, a psychiatry professor at McGill University, this revolutionary treatment has helped hundreds of people and gives hope to millions around the world who are currently suffering from trauma-related disorders. Reconsolidation Therapy™ uses a combination of therapy sessions and a safe blood pressure lowering medication to gradually and sustainably reduce the pain caused by traumatic memories, all the while Keeping the memories intact.

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About Dr. Sandra de Blois

Mental Health Consultant

Dr. Sandra de Blois is a professional counsellor who specializes in treating patients with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She is the first clinician in Western Canada to be trained in Reconsolidation Therapy™, developed by Dr. Alain Brunet, McGill University.

With nearly a decade of professional experience, Dr. Sandra integrates her extensive education and training to improve the lives of her patients. Dr. Sandra has been treating patients with PTSD in her private practice for years through conventional therapy and is now the first mental health professional who offers this groundbreaking treatment on the west coast. With higher success rates, lower relapse rates, all in a short amount of time (8 sessions), Reconsolidation Therapy™ is changing the way you recover.





Compared to conventional PTSD treatment, Reconsolidation Therapy ™ is completed in 8 weeks, with many patients experiencing the benefits in less time!



Reconsolidation Therapy ™ has a 70% success rate, without the use of lengthy therapies or antidepressant medications.

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Reconsolidation Therapy ™ is quick, which saves you time and money in the long-run!



There is a very small relapse rate! Unfortunately, traditional treatment can see relapse rates as high as 50% within one year, Reconsolidation Therapy ™ is safe and sees long-lasting results.



Through a combination of therapy and safe blood pressure lowering medication, Reconsolidation Therapy ™ helps with the psychological and physiological symptoms of PTSD.

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The benefits of Reconsolidation Therapy ™ are backed through rigorous research and clinical practice. The way we view PTSD has changed therefore the way we treat it has changed too.

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Reconsolidation Therapy

Reconsolidation Therapy ™ allows you to keep your memories but lose your suffering. We experience trauma when our mind has been damaged from a overwhelmingly stressful event, either by experiencing it or witnessing it. Unfortunately, trauma is all too common, with approximately 3/4 of people experiencing a traumatic event at some point in their life. Trauma doesn’t discriminate and can result in a disorder called PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. When memories are stored following a traumatic event, they can carry a high emotional charge, and when those with PTSD retrieve these memories, the
emotion attached to them can cause them to relive the traumatic event. Reconsolidation Therapy ™ seeks to reconsolidate the traumatic memories to elicit a lesser emotional response.

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Video Counselling

Dr. Sandra is now offering professional video-counselling to ensure everyone gets the care they need. Through video-counselling, she is able to reach people regardless of their location, extending her services to those suffering from an existing condition, or having trouble coping with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Through the online virtual healthcare platform, Medeo, Dr. Sandra will offer her expertise in PTSD, anxiety, and
depression treatment to provide her patients with the best care and support. Upon scheduling your first appointment, you will receive an email instructing you on how to sign-up for free and how to use Medeo. For all subsequent appointments, you will simply log in with your username and password. Accessing mental healthcare has never been so easy!