Unlike conventional therapies, Reconsolidation therapy directly targets traumatic memories at the smallest level, i.e., the chemical processes that take place when a re-activated memory goes back into long term memory.  The re-encoding of the emotional intensity associated to the memory is hindered by the beta-blocker during each treatment, thus rapidly bringing about relief.

The medication used is called Propranolol.  It belongs to the Beta-blocker class of medication.  Also known as Beta-adrenergic blocking agents, Beta blockers are commonly used to treat high blood pressure.  Propranolol is taken by millions of people every day.  It has been on the market for many decades and is very safe.

You will receive information to give to your doctor in order to get a prescription for 8 pills of propranolol.  Your doctor will determine the correct dosage based on your height and weight.  Each pill costs less than $1.

Yes it can!  Mental health conditions that have painful emotional memories at their root can be treated with Reconsolidation therapy, such as depression, complicated grief, and adjustment disorders.  Reconsolidation therapy is also very effective to resolve phobias.

Reconsolidation therapy follows a strict treatment protocol that is successfully delivered in person or through video-counselling.

Your treatment may be covered through your private insurance company.  It is up to you to contact your insurance provider.  Please note that unfortunately I do not do direct billing.
I am a provider for Veteran Affairs Canada.

Yes!  It is recognized by the Canadian Psychological Association, the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals and by l’Ordre Des Psychologues du Quebec.