Changing The Way You Feel

About Dr. Sandra de Blois

Dr. Sandra de Blois is a mental health counsellor who specializes in treating people with PTSD, depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, complex grief and phobias .  With a decade of professional experience,  Sandra integrates her extensive education and training to improve the lives of people from all walks of life.  She has experience working with law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, correctional officers, 911 dispatchers, active duty military members and veterans.

Sandra is trained in Reconsolidation Therapy™, developed by Dr. Alain Brunet.   With high success rates and no relapse, all in a short amount of time (6 treatment sessions or less), Reconsolidation Therapy™ is truly changing the way people recover.  Sandra also offers other evidence-based treatments when Reconsolidation Therapy is not an option.

Sandra’s unique early career as a research psychologist has equipped her with the analytical and critical thinking skills to understand the complex scientific literature on the neuroscience of memory and the animal research on memory reconsolidation.  This allows her to judiciously apply Dr. Brunet’s reconsolidation therapy protocol.

Education & Certification

Leave The Past In The Past

Sandra's Vision

Dr. Sandra de Blois’ vision is to provide compassionate, client-centered therapy services to assist people on their path to mental health wellness and to a life unencumbered by past trauma.

Keep Your Memories, Stop Suffering

Mission Statement

Sandra’s goal is simple: To provide the  groundbreaking Reconsolidation Therapy – Brunet Method to alleviate the suffering that many experience after living through a painful or traumatic event.