Changing The Way You Feel

About Dr. Sandra de Blois

Mental Health Consultant

Dr. Sandra de Blois is a professional counsellor who specializes in treating patients with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She is the first clinician in Western Canada to be trained in Reconsolidation Therapy™, developed by Dr. Alain Brunet, McGill University.

With nearly a decade of professional experience, Dr. Sandra integrates her extensive education and training to improve the lives of her patients. Dr. Sandra has been treating patients with PTSD in her private practice for years through conventional therapy and is now the first mental health professional who offers this groundbreaking treatment on the west coast. With higher success rates, lower relapse rates, all in a short amount of time (8 sessions), Reconsolidation Therapy™ is changing the way you recover.

Education & Certification

Leave The Past In The Past

Mission Statement

Dr. Sandra de Blois’s goal is simple, keep the memories without the emotional burden. Through her many years of experience as a clinician and researcher, Dr. Sandra is devoted to the care and healing of her patients. She understands that trauma does not discriminate, and wants to provide effective and comprehensive care to those in need. Through video-counselling and Reconsolidation Therapy™ she’s able to reach many people, over many walks of life, who need support.

You don’t have to suffer from your painful emotional memories anymore, contact Dr. Sandra today.

Keep Your Memories, Stop Suffering

Company’s Vision

Dr. Sandra de Blois is committed to ensuring the most effective care for her patients, by offering the revolutionary PTSTD treatment, Reconsolidation Therapy™. This therapy allows her to help more people, in a shorter amount of time, with longer-lasting results and lower rates of relapse. Many people suffer from the debilitating symptoms of PTSD for years with little reprieve, even with conventional therapy. Dr. Sandra is offering an alternative and a solution to this!

She’s the first mental health professional in Western Canada to offer this treatment and is dedicated to bringing it to her patients.