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Hundreds of people have benefited from Dr. Sandra and Reconsolidation
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I had the opportunity to have Sandra de Bois treat me with Reconsolidation Therapy. It was to me a huge success. I no longer stress about the call that had my life on hold with stress and daymares. I was doubtful about the treatment at the start thinking that living through the call after taking propranolol just prior to would have little affect. It worked I feel that the PTSD has abated and I feel much more content and free of PTSD symptoms.

During the Reconsolidation Therapy a ugly phobia to sirens showed itself. The sirens wound me up emotionally with high anxiety and fear to the point of crying and trembling. Sandra used another type of treatment with the same drug, propranolol but it required exposure to sirens to the maximum intensity I could endure and then take the pill. 24 ours later I was re exposed to the sirens, I had no emotion, feelings anxiety or reaction of any sort to the sirens, what a relief.

Thank you Sandra, you have given me a better life.


Kathy Ireson

My experience seeing Sandra for PTSD therapy was very good.  I learned to use mindfulness to improve my symptoms.  The mindfulness helped me a lot with my catastrophic thinking and my anxiety.  I also received equine-assisted therapy which I found very useful to help me manage my anger.  The horses also helped me regain my self-confidence and my self-esteem.  Sandra is very authentic and she really cares about helping people.  I liked how she helped me understand what happens in our brain when we have PTSD.  It made me feel like I was not crazy after all!  I see that she is using a new therapy for PTSD and it doesn’t surprise me because she often mentioned new treatments she read about.  I’m sure she will be able to help a lot of people.

E. B.

I had therapy with Dr. de Blois 3 years ago to help me recover from bullying at work.  I had no self-esteem left and I could not imagine going back to work ever again.  I had insomnia and I was diagnosed with major depression.  Dr. de Blois helped me tremendously.  She is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.  I felt there was a future for me and within 6 months I was back at work.  I highly recommend her services.

Jody M.

When Reconsolidation Therapy was suggested to me as a form of treatment I thought its process was way too simplistic to be of any assistance.  However, traditional counselling methods were not helping and actually seemed to be making things worse.  Surprisingly after only six sessions this new therapy took an extremely traumatic memory of an event that I was constantly reliving and transformed it into a way I never thought possible.  I went from experiencing extreme anxiety and emotional overload from the flashbacks of this memory to the complete opposite.  Now I can think about the event without having a huge emotional reaction.  The event is more like a memory from an unpleasant dream now.  I am very thankful that this therapy was recommended as I can finally let go of a piece of my past and move onto bettering my future


I first saw Sandra lost, broken and with overwhelming inner turmoil. I felt I would never get out of the dark hole of utter despair. I came to her in a very very difficult time in my life, which was triggering my toxic childhood trauma. After the first session I felt very supported and validated, for the first time in my life. She gave me balance, clarity and strength to stand in my truth! She helped me sort out my feelings and gain control over my life once again. Her passion for First Nations culture and knowledge was amazing. Eventually, Sandra proposed to help me heal from childhood traumatic events using Reconsolidation Therapy.  This therapy changed my life!  I only needed 5 Reconsolidation treatment sessions for my traumatic memory to be transformed so that I don’t constantly relive it and have nightmares about it.  I now have less anxiety about the future, less depression about the past. I now live in the moment, which is a wonderful place to be. I am amazed and shocked at how well this therapy works! I highly recommend this therapy. Thank you, Sandra. Thank you!

J. B.

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