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About Dr. Sandra de Blois

Unlike most professionals offering PTSD treatments, Sandra was actually a patient herself once. She wrote about how An Accident Lead me to Dedicate my Life to PTSD Treatment.

Sandra is a mental health counsellor who specializes in treating people with PTSD, depression, anxiety, complex grief and phobias. With a decade of professional experience, she integrates her extensive education and training to improve the lives of her clients. When she learned about Reconsolidation Therapy™, she immediately foresaw the difference it would make in her clients’ lives.  She has been using this therapy since 2019 and has not been disappointed with her results!  With high success rate in such a short amount of time and no relapse, Reconsolidation Therapy – Brunet Method is changing the way people recover.

Dr. de Blois works with clients 16 years or older.  She offers other treatments for clients who choose not to receive reconsolidation therapy or who are not good candidates for it.

Keep The Memory, Lose The Suffering

Program Intro

The therapy can be done in-person or online, either in English or in French.  On the first treatment day, you will write the story of what happened to you.   On subsequent treatments, you will simply read your story out loud, and only once.  One hour before treatments, you will take a safe blood pressure lowering medication.  Your symptoms will be closely assessed using a standardized questionnaire on every treatment sessions.  Over 70% of people who have taken Reconsolidation Therapy – Brunet Method have recovered within 6 sessions or less!

process people will go through

Trauma Treatment

The PTSD therapy goes through the process outlined below.


My Recon Therapy begins with a thorough clinical evaluation that lasts 90 minutes. We’ll go through your trauma history and the nature of your current symptoms.  We’ll then look at different factors that may interfere with your response to the treatment.


Should you decide to receive the therapy, you will be given information to bring to your doctor in order to receive a prescription for the blood pressure lowering medication “Propranolol”.  Propranolol has been on the market since the 1960s and is taken by millions of people everyday.

6 Sessions

Following your clinical evaluation, you will receive 6 Reconsolidation Therapy™ sessions .  Sometimes fewer sessions are needed!  The treatment sessions are spaced one week apart.  Your traumatic memory will be reactivated during each treatment session through a simple exposure to your trauma story.

Symptoms Subside

We will carefully measure your PTSD symptoms on every session.  Gradually, over the six treatment sessions, the Propranolol will block the reconsolidation of the emotional strength of your memory and as a result, your PTSD symptoms will subside.


Finally, we will meet one more time after your last Reconsolidation Therapy™ treatment.  We will summarize the findings, assess the efficacy of the treatment and determine whether other therapeutic interventions are needed.

mental health improvement

Trauma Relief Testimonials

Reconsolidation Therapy™ has already helped hundreds of people living with PTSD and other disorders associated with painful memories! This Therapy has changed their lives for the better. Read what my clients have to say about the treatment.