J. B.

I first saw Sandra lost, broken and with overwhelming inner turmoil. I felt I would never get out of the dark hole of utter despair. I came to her in a very very difficult time in my life, which was triggering my toxic childhood trauma. After the first session I felt very supported and validated, for the first time in my life. She gave me balance, clarity and strength to stand in my truth! She helped me sort out my feelings and gain control over my life once again. Her passion for First Nations culture and knowledge was amazing. Eventually, Sandra proposed to help me heal from childhood traumatic events using Reconsolidation Therapy.  This therapy changed my life!  I only needed 5 Reconsolidation treatment sessions for my traumatic memory to be transformed so that I don’t constantly relive it and have nightmares about it.  I now have less anxiety about the future, less depression about the past. I now live in the moment, which is a wonderful place to be. I am amazed and shocked at how well this therapy works! I highly recommend this therapy. Thank you, Sandra. Thank you!

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