Kathy Ireson

I had the opportunity to have Sandra de Bois treat me with Reconsolidation Therapy. It was to me a huge success. I no longer stress about the call that had my life on hold with stress and daymares. I was doubtful about the treatment at the start thinking that living through the call after taking propranolol just prior to would have little affect. It worked I feel that the PTSD has abated and I feel much more content and free of PTSD symptoms.

During the Reconsolidation Therapy a ugly phobia to sirens showed itself. The sirens wound me up emotionally with high anxiety and fear to the point of crying and trembling. Sandra used another type of treatment with the same drug, propranolol but it required exposure to sirens to the maximum intensity I could endure and then take the pill. 24 ours later I was re exposed to the sirens, I had no emotion, feelings anxiety or reaction of any sort to the sirens, what a relief.

Thank you Sandra, you have given me a better life.


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