A New Documentary Featuring Commandos Canada, My Recon Therapy, And Their Support For Military Veterans

A promising trauma therapy treatment provides much-needed PTSD support for Canadian veterans.


PTSD support
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Dr. de Blois is a professional counsellor who’s been in clinical practice for nearly a decade, treating a variety of mental health conditions, and specializing in the treatment of trauma disorders such as PTSD.

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition brought on by experiencing or witnesses a traumatic event, such as war or a natural disaster. Amid the current traumatic world event of Covid-19, Canada is lucky to have Dr. de Blois.

Until recently, Dr. de Blois’s practice focused on more conventional means of treatment and therapy for mental health.  However, she’s now expanded her practice to include Reconsolidation Therapy™, a revolutionary PTSD treatment created by Dr. Alain Brunet at the Douglas Research Center – McGill University.

Reconsolidation Therapy™  works with both the mind and the physiology of the body to heal painful emotional memories. By using a safe blood pressure-lowering medication and 6 treatment sessions, patients experience profound, sustainable, and lasting relief from their traumatic memories.

But don’t worry, Reconsolidation Therapy™ isn’t rewriting your history.   The memories stay intact, they just lose their high emotional charge, thus allowing patients to let go of their suffering while keeping their sense of self.

Dr. de Blois is currently the only practitioner in Western Canada who is trained in this form of trauma therapy and she’s putting it to good use!

She’s been recently featured in an upcoming documentary that touches on the lives of Canadian  military veterans.  Part of the documentary had interviews with four military veterans  who are Quilts of Valour recipients and who have a diagnosis of PTSD.


PTSD support
A group of Canadian veterans proudly displaying their Quilts of Valour


Quilts of Valour honour those in the military, past and present, who have been injured or fallen ill as a result of their service. The Quilts of Valour act as a symbol of gratitude and sacrifice, as well as a hopeful source of comfort to veterans. Unfortunately, many veterans spend much of their time after their service seeking further relief, to help with the unique experience of serving in the military.

Dr. de Blois is hoping to provide some of that much-needed relief.

The documentary highlights two veterans with PTSD, Mitch MacLeod and Wayne Williams  as they have both recently started My Recon Therapy.  Having been extensively trained in a variety of PTSD therapies, Dr. de Blois has many resources to choose from, although My Recon Therapy has become her first line of treatment. So far she has seen amazing results, in both veteran and non-veteran patients.

This is the long-overdue type of PTSD support we need.

Former patients can’t help but give Dr. de Blois glowing reviews, with one saying,

“I now have less anxiety about the future, less depression about the past. I now live in the moment, which is a wonderful place to be. I am amazed and shocked at how well this therapy works! I highly recommend this therapy. Thank you, Sandra. Thank you!”

This comes as great news to the veterans featured in the documentary because Reconsolidation Therapy™ has a 70% success rate, high for any mental health treatment, particularly PTSD. Whereas not only are traditional PTSD therapies less successful, but they usually take longer, which ends up costing patients more money.

Unfortunately, time and money are two major barriers preventing Canadians from seeking appropriate support for mental health.

Another barrier to seeking treatment is the stigma attached to mental health conditions. PTSD, in particular, has a unique mental health stigma because of the population it is most closely tied to, soldiers. Veterans and active duty Canadian Forces members experience added pressure to not seek mental health treatment and PTSD support because of the fear that therapy will be perceived as a sign of weakness. This stigma has devastating results in the military community. The rate of PTSD in Canadian veterans is reported at 10%, however, that’s thought to be a low estimate due to underreporting.

Most mental health conditions in Canada go underreported even though it’s estimated that each year 1 in 5 Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem.

Dr. de Blois is doing her best to eradicate this stigma and bring long-lasting relief to her patients.

Before her training, her practice involved mindfulness-based treatments as well as Equine-Assisted Therapy, which involves the use of horses in the therapeutic process. However, due to the staggering positive results seen from My Recon Therapy, this has become her main source of focus. Having had success treating both veterans and non-veterans in the past, she is optimistic that the veterans featured in the documentary will be profoundly helped with her treatment.

There is one other reason Dr. de Blois is dedicated to helping Canadian military populations, as her husband is a veteran who served in the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry and the Canadian Airborne Regiment, and is a part of Commandos Canada.


PTSD support
Dr. Sadra de Blois and her Husband, who served with the PPCLI and Airborne Regiment.

Dr. de Blois reports that she is “honoured to serve those who served Canada at home and abroad”.

With cases of PTSD presumed to rise due to the devastating global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. de Blois’s work is so important. It’s estimated that 8% of Canadians who experience a traumatic event will develop PTSD in their lifetime. As the whole world continues to navigate the pandemic, some comfort can be found in knowing that dedicated health care professionals, like Dr. de Blois, are doing their best to support and heal those in need.

In addition to offering Reconsolidation Therapy™, Dr. de Blois also offers a variety of other services. With her extensive education, training, and experience treating PTSD and other mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, her toolbox is full and ready to be put to work!

Dr. de Blois offers both in-person and video counseling, so although she’s in British Columbia, patients from across Canada, or around the world, can benefit from her expertise. If future patients are considering My Recon Therapy, Dr. de Blois provides a free 30-minute consultation, which allows patients to ask questions and familiarize themselves with her treatment.

Dr. de Blois has also extended her practice to include coaching calls to assess and guide future patients with mental health treatment and PTSD support. These hour-long, one-on-one coaching calls are designed to help patients find a treatment option best suited to their needs, whether that be My Recon Therapy, another treatment, or even another therapist.

Dr. de Blois is changing the way we treat PTSD and changing the way we access mental health treatment. Her dedication and generosity don’t go unnoticed! She offers a compassionate and comprehensive approach to healing and wellness, a model we can only hope is mimicked by other healthcare providers around the world.

For more information on My Recon Therapy check out her website www.myrecontherapy.com! And keep an ear out for the upcoming documentary, which intends to air soon.

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  1. Is this a documentary or an advertisement? Most of these therapies are pablum based advanced babysitting and if the member has injuries and other medical issues they are a waste of time. PTSD is an industry and VAC uses it to hide serious physical brain and central nervous system injury which is rampant and poorly screened if not avoided as a military diagnosis. We don’t even have military or veteran hospitals anymore. Just all the mental health counselling you can eat. At least it’s free accommodation and food for whole since Parliament stole our injury pensions and sold us out to the insurance companies. This is better than nothing at least.

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